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My first Arduino kit

My first Arduino kit

Arduino UNO Rev3 (A000066) (on Arduino)

Seeedstudio Grove infrared reflective sensor v1.2 (exact one on Seeedstudio)

Seeedstudio Grove ultrasonic ranger v2.0 (on Seeedstudio)

Degree rotary encoder

Wavesahre MQ-7 gas sensor module sensitive for carbon monoxide (on Waveshare)

Waveshare RGB LED HAT display (on Waveshare)
Not yet sure if it fits Arduino

Seeedstudio Grove speaker (on Seeedstudio)

Electret condenser microphones (on Wikipedia)


Olimex piezo shock sensors Piezzo-Knock (on Olimex)

Breadboard Pro's Kit BX-4112N

Bunch of jumper wires and connectors

Magnifying glass